Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keynote Remote

Keynote Remote is an app that works as a remote from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (although an iPad is a bit awkard to use as a remote during a presentation!).  From this app, you have control of your presentation and can advance, reverse or preview slides.  You can also view your slide notes, if you need to quickly view these.  It is a pretty handy remote control and saves you manually advancing slides as you present.

I did have some inconsistency with the wireless connection not always working in the first version of this app but later versions have fixed this.  As long as I have wi-fi access when presenting, I use Keynote Remote.


I  facilitate a number of presentations, both conference presentation and workshops, and I use Keynote to develop my slides.  So, I was keen when Keynote became available on the app store.  Keynote enables users preapre, edit and share presentations on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. While I generally always prepare my presentations on my Mac, the Keynote app does give me flexibility when travelling if I choose to take one of my smaller devices.

Presentations can be uploaded to Keynote on any of your iDevice through iTunes.  Sync your device, select Apps, scroll down to the list of Apps, then select Keynote and Add.  You can then upload your presentation.

Guitar Tuner

EasyTune makes tuning guitars easy, automatically detects the string being tuned.  Children are easily able to tune guitars themselves.  A great app for the classroom or for the home musician.

Welly Walks

The Welly Walks app is a great guide to walks around Wellington.  The app provides information on Wellington including the 'must sees' to visit, what is on while you are in town and links to emergency services and public transport.

It also provides detailed walking guides around Wellington, noting points of interest and things to do, maps and walking time.  A must for the next time you are in Wellington on a fine day!

A fun app

My family and I have had some fun with this app from over the holidays. My two boys are Star Wars mad and have enjoyed playing with light sabre which works on both the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The sound effects are great and they have been able to 'battle' each other through peer-to-peer bluetooth connectivity.  Check it out at the App Store



Welcome to our blog where we will be sharing apps that we use or have trialled.  We both love using our iPhones and constantly seek out new ways in which we can use them and thought we would share our journey with you.

Tania and Tara