Monday, October 29, 2012

iBooks 3

The iBooks store has finally 'arrived' in New Zealand.  While the app has always been available,  the purchasing of books was not an option.  This has now changed and while not all publishers have their content with iBooks, there is a good starting range.  There is also a range of self-published books, created with iBooks Authors.  These self-published books include textbooks, recipe books, children's stories etc.

The release of iBooks 3 has seen alignment with iCloud so that your notes, bookmarks and placemark is synced across all your  ios devices.

It is worth browsing the iBooks Store if you haven't already.  You might like to check out the free sample of Life on Earth, a multi-touch interactive book that showcases the future of textbooks.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MoMA Art Lab iPad App

The children and teaching team at Manaia Kindergarten continue to be an inspiration to me in my role as an Early Years Facilitator. A great ECE blog to check out to see the incredible learning happening. Manaia Kindergarten have had an iPad for sometime now and it is great to see the children working collaboratively using the MoMA Art Lab App to create their artwork. I have just downloaded this app and looking forward to working with it with children.  Check out the You Tube clip below for a quick 'what it's all about':-)