Thursday, January 23, 2014


This interactive book tells the story of Benjamin who counts the nine hundred and seventy two steps it takes him to reach school each day. Dandelion tells of Benjamin's problems with bullies, his fears and his hopes.  Benjamin's imagination and creativity become increasingly important as the story progresses.

This app is beautifully illustrated using contrasting colours that tell as much about the story as the words do.  The subtle background music adds to the experience.  Readers have the choice to have each page read to them or to read themselves.  The interactivity (through breath and touch) is waiting to be discovered on each page.

A lovely tale that draws as much on the readers imagination as it does with Benjamin's.

Price:  NZD1.29 at time of writing
Age: would appeal to children 10 years and younger
Use: Prompt as talking about feelings.  Also useful for older children to showcase how elements can be used to add to a story.
Let us know how you have used this app.