Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cross fingers

Cross Fingers is an addictive tangram puzzle.  There are levels for everyone including levels for children, novices and pros.  Great for building maths skills as the pieces are moved into position.  There are lots of challenges to be had, and new levels to unlock as you progress through the game.  It is currently free through iTunes

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102 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom

A great resource collated by Tom Barrett.  Check out the 102 ways here and add any others you may utilise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lets Tans Deluxe

Lets Tans is another tangram puzzle that involves moving pieces to make one shape.  There are different levels of play from beginner to experienced.  Options include the classic 7 piece tangram through to tangram silhouettes.  Timed levels, with hints available if needed.


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Just trying a new way of sharing apps.  What do you think?  Photos and words or video recordings?  What is easier for you?  Would love your comments...

Auto dance can be downloaded for iPhone/iPod touch here or Android here.

'Make your friends dance - even the ones that can’t. Simply record your friends doing stuff and the Autodance app will sync their movements to a choice of dance tracks. Then, like magic, they'll be shaking their stuff in their own instant dance music video.'

Sunday, March 18, 2012

iPads for Learning - A Guide for Getting Started

Great read - thanks to Alannah King and the VLN.  Provides lots of food for thought as well as reflective questions to really delve into the pedagogy behind using an iPad for learning.
"1-to-1 is about learning, not technology.  Students need a curriculum that meets the demands of an increasingly globalised and interconnected world in the 21st century."
We should not be mapping the use of new technologies onto old curricula,rather, we need to rethink our curricula and pedagogies in the light of the impact that we know technologies can have on learning and meaning‑making in contemporary times 
(Yelland, 2007).
iPads for Learning Getting Started

Monday, March 12, 2012

Te Pataka a Milly me Molly

Te Pataka a Milly me Molly is a collection of the Milly and Molly stories in Te Reo Maori.  Once the app is downloaded, users can select any number of the 30 books to download to their iDevice.  Not only do the books have delightful illustrations and narration in Maori, they can be read in a number of ways.  Options for reading include user reading, touching each word to hear how it sounds or have the book automatically read from beginning to end.  As each word is read, it appears larger on the screen so the child can follow along with the story.  The collection of stories also have the added option of being able to record yourself reading the story - particularly good if you want to practice your reo, or to have a family member read the story to the child (great option for when special family members are not always nearby to read everyday to the child).

I have found it difficult to access the books when not connected online so I would recommend that you be connected online to read each book.


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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Story

My Story is a very reasonably priced ($1.99) app for creating books easily.  Books can be shared via email or saved as an iBook (a free app).  Once saved an an iBook - your story can be read on your iPad anywhere, anytime:-)

I love the fact that you can import your own photos, draw your own pictures, add text and record your voice.  It is very simple to use and has very clear symbols that children can follow with ease.

A great digital storytelling app for all ages:-)
Step 1 - Simply tap 'My Story' to give your story a title

Step 2 - Create your cover page you can tap the paintbrush symbol to open your options for painting or tap the photo symbol to see your options for taking a photo or adding a photo from your collection.  To change colours - simply tap the colour you would like to choose - scroll along to see new colours...

Step 3 - Add text to your cover page by clicking on the bottom right arrow - It will open up this screen, simply tap the 'ABC' to begin typing...  Once you have finished click the arrow again to go back to your cover page.  You can then click 'cover page' in the bottom left hand corner...

Step 4 - To add another page simply click the page symbol in the top right hand corner and continue to add pages to your story...

If you want to add your voice to your pages - simply click on the red microphone symbol...

Step 5 - When your story is finished you have the option of reading it or sharing it....

Step 6 - Click on share and choose how you would like to do so - HAVE FUN CREATING!

UPDATE: The publishers are working on a print function and in the meantime have some video instructions of how to print.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pic collage

Pic collage is a free app that makes it easy to turn your photos into a collage which can be shared via email, Facebook or twitter.  Photos can either be taken using the iPad or iPhone Camera, or imported from the media library.  Once photos on the the screen, they can be edited, clipped, resized, moved around, set as the background or rotated.  A range of options include selecting from a range of backgrounds, adding text and stickers.  The photos can be moved in front or behind other photos with just a simple tap.  This is a great app that is easy to use for all ages.  Download and give it a try today.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Elements

Theodore Gray's The Elements is a beautifully detail and informative eBook on the periodic table.  The elements appear on the home screen.  Tapping an element enlarges it so it appears on the entire screen rotating 360degrees.  The main facts about the element such as it's weight, melting point and density appear to the side of the screen.  The next page of the eBook contains detailed information on the element, as well as more clear photographs. All the elements shown can be rotated by touch.  At anytime, the user can return to the home screen.  This app also has the Lehrer song 'The Elements' so you can sing along while watching all the elements go by!

The Elements is a pricey app - about NZD18 - but if you want to learn more about the periodic table, then this app is one of the better ones I have found,  the visuals are stunning.


'There's antimonyarsenicaluminumselenium,
And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium,.......'
 from Lehrer, The Elements Lyrics

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Radio NZ

One of my colleagues, Justine Mason, shared this fab free app with me today. The Radio NZ app not only lets you listen to Radio NZ programmes live, it allows you to select and listen to content from previous shows. If you miss an inteview or report, add it to your playlist and listen when the time is convenient.

The app works on iPad, iPhone and iTouch.


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