Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Story

My Story is a very reasonably priced ($1.99) app for creating books easily.  Books can be shared via email or saved as an iBook (a free app).  Once saved an an iBook - your story can be read on your iPad anywhere, anytime:-)

I love the fact that you can import your own photos, draw your own pictures, add text and record your voice.  It is very simple to use and has very clear symbols that children can follow with ease.

A great digital storytelling app for all ages:-)
Step 1 - Simply tap 'My Story' to give your story a title

Step 2 - Create your cover page you can tap the paintbrush symbol to open your options for painting or tap the photo symbol to see your options for taking a photo or adding a photo from your collection.  To change colours - simply tap the colour you would like to choose - scroll along to see new colours...

Step 3 - Add text to your cover page by clicking on the bottom right arrow - It will open up this screen, simply tap the 'ABC' to begin typing...  Once you have finished click the arrow again to go back to your cover page.  You can then click 'cover page' in the bottom left hand corner...

Step 4 - To add another page simply click the page symbol in the top right hand corner and continue to add pages to your story...

If you want to add your voice to your pages - simply click on the red microphone symbol...

Step 5 - When your story is finished you have the option of reading it or sharing it....

Step 6 - Click on share and choose how you would like to do so - HAVE FUN CREATING!

UPDATE: The publishers are working on a print function and in the meantime have some video instructions of how to print.


  1. Great demo! Thanks

  2. Thanks Tania - this looks like a winner for capturing those stories that often accompany drawings but get 'lost' while adults struggle to attach clunky tech - microphones, exporting to somewhere etc - the magic moment has gone. I can see this app with iPad technology, working really well.
    - Bev, Onehunga Cuthbert Kindergarten