Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Elements

Theodore Gray's The Elements is a beautifully detail and informative eBook on the periodic table.  The elements appear on the home screen.  Tapping an element enlarges it so it appears on the entire screen rotating 360degrees.  The main facts about the element such as it's weight, melting point and density appear to the side of the screen.  The next page of the eBook contains detailed information on the element, as well as more clear photographs. All the elements shown can be rotated by touch.  At anytime, the user can return to the home screen.  This app also has the Lehrer song 'The Elements' so you can sing along while watching all the elements go by!

The Elements is a pricey app - about NZD18 - but if you want to learn more about the periodic table, then this app is one of the better ones I have found,  the visuals are stunning.


'There's antimonyarsenicaluminumselenium,
And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium,.......'
 from Lehrer, The Elements Lyrics

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