Monday, March 12, 2012

Te Pataka a Milly me Molly

Te Pataka a Milly me Molly is a collection of the Milly and Molly stories in Te Reo Maori.  Once the app is downloaded, users can select any number of the 30 books to download to their iDevice.  Not only do the books have delightful illustrations and narration in Maori, they can be read in a number of ways.  Options for reading include user reading, touching each word to hear how it sounds or have the book automatically read from beginning to end.  As each word is read, it appears larger on the screen so the child can follow along with the story.  The collection of stories also have the added option of being able to record yourself reading the story - particularly good if you want to practice your reo, or to have a family member read the story to the child (great option for when special family members are not always nearby to read everyday to the child).

I have found it difficult to access the books when not connected online so I would recommend that you be connected online to read each book.


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