Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marble Math Junior

This math game provides a series of challenges. Players roll the marble (by tilting the iPad) or drag the marble (using touch) across the screen to complete the challenge.

Player profiles can be created and customised including level and problems to be solved. There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be created. Each player can create an avatar and an overview of the player's results can be viewed. Instructions can be read out to the player - particularly useful for emerging readers.

Challenges vary from sequencing, shape finding, time, equivalence, addition, subtraction and multiplication with the level of challenge increasing as the player progresses.  There is also a money challenge (levels 2 &3), however as this not in New Zealand currency, I generally uncheck it in the options so it unavailable as a challenge.

If the player gets the answer incorrect, they are offered the opportunity to have another go, skip the question or be shown the answer.

A good app for reinforcing math learning in the classroom.

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