Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Math Evolve

Math Evolve is designed to help students with maths fluency through gaming.  Based on a mission to save the home planet, students use their maths skills as they work through different levels  to protect the universe.

The app was  developed by a maths teacher who wanted an interactive, game-like app that promoted maths skills.   Players advance through levels based on abilities and each player has a choice of math difficulty, game difficulty and operation skills they want to develop.   As well as the story mode, there is also a practice level.  Player statistic detail achievements.  Up to 5 player profiles can be stored.

What I liked about this app was that the game can be tailored to the user to provide choices of what math skill to work on while also making the learning fun.

This Youtube Video, created by the App Developer, explains a little bit more about the app.

A lite version of the app is available to try before buying.

If you are using this app in your class, let us know how you and your students find it.

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