Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jamming with VidRhythm

Thanks to our colleague DK for sharing this FUN and creative app with us recently, certainly promoted lots of laughter in the workplace:-) If I was really brave I would post our experimental video clip but 'not so brave' so check out this great example to give you the idea.

VidRhythm is a free app and I thoroughly recommend trialling it with your friends, whanau and students.  Try out the different songs and styles and share your musical talents!  There are lots of examples on You Tube to check out for ideas to inspire.


  1. Humbled to get some linklove but also gutted... you didn't share any of your creations ;-)

  2. Have you tried using this with children?... Ann

  3. HI Ann, it is a great app to use with children (and adults). Young children love adding their voice, choosing their 'video style' and producing their video. Easy to use with amazing results. A very popular app!