Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scrabble Anyone?

I love a good board game over summer with the family:-) My children are now teenagers and it is much harder to entice them into playing with me! At the end of last year a friend of mine was playing scrabble, on his iPhone, against his partner who was then living in Australia. This intrigued me, how cool that they could play a game together from different countries! Since then, I have utilised good old google and you tube to find out more! I am yet to get together with my family to give it a try and look forward to a weekend at the beach over Waitangi weekend to entice them. I am also going to introduce this concept to the teachers at Whangarei Primary and suggest children in different classes trial playing games of scrabble together:-) Would love to hear from anyone who has tried scrabble on the iPad/iPod out:-)

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