Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elmo explores ABCs for the iPad

Using Sesame Street's lovable Elmo, this App encourages young children to explore literacy through letters and sounds in the form of  games, videos, songs and more.

The main section of this game is based on levels, so that the letter must be traced with a finger before the next stage appears.   Children trace both the upper case and lower case letter that they have selected, then they can draw their own, hear the sounds of each letter, watch short video clips related to that letter and find hidden objects.  There are also alphabet songs, and letter matching games.

For adults who want the option, there is a tracking section that records how long the game is played, the child's favourite letter and favourite activity.

What I particularly like about this app is that it can be personalised to include words, photos and videos of the important things in children's lives, such as pets, family members, favourite toys, and in this case, even workplace!

There is lots to explore in this app that is filled with colour, sound and clear images.  Give the free lite version a trial today!

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