Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iTunes U

I love iTunes U.  It gives  access to a range of topics and speakers.  I can attend lectures from Harvard, Oxford or any number of Universities & Colleges from around the world.  iTunes U goes beyond Universities and features community groups, museums, science academies, language courses, music courses and the list keeps growing. There are a range of options for all ages.  Little Kids Rock is a favourite in our house as my daughter learns to play the guitar.

Not only can you access one-off talks, either audio or video, complete courses are also online.  TED has assembled some of its best talks around subject areas.  Once downloaded, they appear in your library in a 'notebook' where you can watch the videos, reflect on their questions, write notes and take part in the online at TED.

iTunes U works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  All courses are downloaded to your library so you can watch at your leisure.  Check out iTunes U today and let us know how you find it.

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