Monday, April 23, 2012

Lego Super Hero Movie Maker

This Lego app - the Super Hero Movie Maker -  uses stop motion to record movies.  This app is simple to use and it takes no time to create a movie.  It works well on all iDevices and best of all it is free.

Users can select from a range of title pages, soundtracks and filters, all with a super hero theme.

Check out a quick movie made in less than two minutes by one of my children (I am sure the storyline will get better with practice :-)

YouTube Video

Postnote:  After making the original movie above and showing it to others , adiscussion was had about clarity of photos and the need for the story to flow with two children working together for the next version .......... will be interesting to see where this develops.

Also check out the animation from Room 7 at Normandale School where they have started using the Lego Super Hero Movie Maker.

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