Tuesday, May 22, 2012


ABC Spy is the perfect app to support children learning the ABC.  What I like most about this app is how it gives the opportunity to create your own ABC library of photos.  Each letter is introduced in the normal way - the letter and the sound of the letter but then... wait there's more!  You actually get to use the camera to take a photo of an 'something' beginning with that letter.  You have the possiblility of creating a folder for each child and each child taking their own photos.  I really support apps that allow for the creativity of children.  Give this one a try and let us know what  you think.  It's as easy as ABC!
Step 1 - Choose a user or create a new user by clicking on the + button - it will give you the option of adding a photo to each user.
Step 2 - Start spying!
Step 3 - Listen to the letter and the sound of the letter and then Add a Photo by tapping the camera...
Step 4 - Take your photo - once you have taken your photo you get the option of choosing a frame and typing in what your photo is.  Once you have finished you can move on to the next letter/sound.

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  1. This does look like a really cool app. I was asked by a parent about the use of ipads for young children. He was worried that if his child used the ipad he would not develop the necessary fine motor skills to write with a pencil when he got to school. I would be interested in your thoughts.