Sunday, July 15, 2012

The iPad as a Tool for Education

Longfield Academy in the UK have implemented an iPad programme. This report, published by Naace in July 2012, outlines how the iPads have been used for teaching and learning in the two terms since the programme started.

 The Executive summary is as follows:

"This study, one of the most extensive yet regarding the use of tablet devices finds that with the majority of pupils at the school now having iPads there has been a significant and very positive impact on learning together with further significant and still developing changes in pedagogy. In particular it was found that:
  • The overwhelming majority of teachers regularly use iPads in their teaching
  • iPad use is particularly strong in English, Maths and Science
  • There is high demand from students for iPad use to be extended further
  • Teachers have identified significant benefits for their workload and have also
    identified cost savings
  • Use of the iPads is increasingly being developed for homework and beyond
    school activities
  • Students are more motivated when using iPads
  • The quality and standard of pupil work and progress is rising
  • Both staff and student feel they can work more effectively with iPads
  • Levels of collaborative working have improved
  • Appropriate use of Apps aids learning
  • All find the iPad easy to use
  • Minor technical issues have arisen, often due to user error, but are readily dealt
  • Effective project management has been critical to the success of this development.
    The outcomes at Longfield clearly demonstrate the value of the iPad as an educational tool and the role that it can play in learning and teaching." (p. 4) 

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  1. Interesting that although they talk in the first paragraph about the positive impact on learning there is not much mention of this in the bullet points (except for improved levels of collaborative working).